It is Ministry Monday again.  Pretend with me, for a moment, that I write about a new ministry every Monday like I said I would.  I’d be obliged.

The Bride Church.  Super weird name.  Super wonderful place.  My home, my heart, my favorite place on the planet.  My pretend mom and dad, Bob and Terry Ouzts are there.  (No offense real mom and dad I love you, too, of course).

My husband used to be a youth pastor at a fabulous church.  God called us to look into moving on and possibly becoming missionaries. For months we prayed and searched for our next move.  I imagined London or India or possibly someplace in the United States, but we both got the idea we were going to be moving far away.

We were invited to a time of prayer and worship in the home of a couple we knew.  I thought it would be a few people but it turned out to be about fifteen.  In that evening we knew that our long distance move was postponed.  Assembled in that living room was a group of people who were healed and in love with their healer.  That meeting was the first glimpse of what was to be The Bride Church.  I was all in.  I had been searching for more of Jesus, starving to know more of the gospel and there is was, being served on heaping platters.

From living room to living room The Bride bounced till, in no time at all we were filled to the gills with people.  We moved into the old bank on Plumas Street.  The sound of children playing upstairs filtered down into our sanctuary as we heard the word from Pastor Bob.  Hungry people came seeking truth and came away with the gospel.  The gospel became a real thing to me.  It is not a thing once preached and accepted then forgotten.  It is a living truth to be lived every moment of our lives.  I learned that at the Bride.

We began a youth group there and fell in love with the kids who came.  They were family to us.  I remember late nights of pizza and playing sardines with those kids.  We laughed so hard, shared our hearts and maybe cried a little.  We had a little team of misfits and cool kids and I loved them all so much.

In time, our little Jack was born and we nearly lost him more than once.  We had to say goodbye to our beloved Bride Church and move to Boston in order to get him the care he needed to stay alive.  That was two years ago and I long to see them all so much.  I want to hug Terry and see how pretty she looks in her purple skirt.  I want to watch Bob at the pulpit, pouring Jesus out for all of us to drink deeply.

We have traveled a bit and have been to more than a few lovely churches but nothing compares to the fellowship I have had at The Bride Church.

So if you are ever in the Yuba-Sutter area, stop in on a Sunday and see my family.  Tell them hello for me, please.

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