Yesterday my boys and I celebrated Reverend King’s birthday.  We talked about civil rights and God’s view on skin color.  We talked about how brave Dr. King was to keep persisting in his peaceful battle against inequality.  It was truly a good day and so rewarding.  I have taken a backseat role with homeschooling this year, leaning on the Abeka distance learning academy to teach my kids.  It’s been nice in some ways but I really miss those days where we can learn what we like in a less rigorous environment.  Yesterday, we learned about history and bravery and God’s golden rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated.  It was so nice.  

Then today happened. And boy did it happen with avengance.  Everything was a disaster.  Attitudes were horrible.  Our little Jack was crying and terrorizing.  The baby couldn’t nap and started crying.  One boy dissolved in tears in the middle  of his spelling test (which he was doing very well on).  It was a nightmare and I had to handle it on three hours of sleep.  What. In. The. World!

“Alright, that’s it! We are going sledding!” I said expecting to hear a roar of applause.  “Waaaah! We don’t want to go sledding!!” 

So Andrew and I packed them up and took them to a state park.  “It’ll be fun,” we roared, “get in the car!” When we arrived at the state park it was about 12 degrees and a horrifying Arctic wind whipped the snow like an ice wall in our faces.  The sledding lasted 5 minutes.  The crying in the car as the kids put in their snow gear lasted 15 minutes.  The car ride was one hour there and one back. The toddler refused all food and screamed the entire trip.  

Today needs to stop.  

Next time I will stay home and hide under my bed.

What was your all time worse parenting fail? Comment below because I need to know that other people have created disaster days dor their kids too.