A Case for Advent and Why I No Longer Hate Christmas

I like to wear jeans with holes in the knees to church.  I also like to slip my sandals off, in a gesture of standing on hallowed ground, when I raise my hands in worship.  Sometimes I feel compelled to kneel even when everyone is standing. God blessed us to be free in worship of the only wise king; to abandon our social binds like David when he danced in the street before the arc of the covenant.…

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Different is Good

Have you ever read a book that made you want to jump out of your seat and shout, “Me too!”? …


Why is he so ODD?

Having a child with ODD  is not unlike carting a dark storm cloud with you everywhere you go.  Imagine if…


Shepherd’s Pie

One of my favorite people on the planet is Terry Ouzts and if you’ve met her you know why.  She…