When a parent first discovers that their entire universe is being upended and their child will need an emergency open heart surgery, it tends to make one a bit … discombobulated.  (I really adore that word).

What was supposed to be a quick check up for our then four week old, Jack, turned into an emergency medical flight to a bay area hospital for open heart surgery.   I was floored, completely stunned, dazed.  I raced home to pack some things and drive four hours away to where they were flying him.  What do I bring? Can I sleep with him?  Will I have a place to change my clothes?  I had never had experience with hospitalization and I was clueless as to what I would need.

Many mothers and fathers are in this position across our country on a daily basis.  Not only was my heart wrecked by the devastating news that my little one was in danger and waiting to be filleted on the OR table but I had no paper to write on, socks to change into, toiletries, etc.   It. Was. Horrible.  Were it not for the kind people who sent care packages, I would have been in major trouble.  A parent at the bedside of a little heart baby cannot leave and pick up supplies very easily.  In fact, just sneaking away to get a meal here and there became a daily miracle.

I don’t have the time or recourses to give to all of the heart warrior parents out there, I so wish I did.  But I have prayed and prayed for a way to give to the people who are in need of some hope.

Jack’s disease, Pulmonary Vein Stenosis (PVS), is a vicious killer, taking lives left and right.  I hate it.  There I said it.  I HATE this disease and I HATE hearing that another little one is gone because of it.  PVS is rare and not well-understood nor well-treated.  Except, in my opinion and experience, by Boston Children’s Hospital.  More on that another time.

I have decided to create care packages for the parents of children who are new to the PVS program at Boston Children’s Hospital.  But I need help.  Each package will include toiletries, gift cards, writing materials, laundry soap, books, phone chargers, flip flops (hospital showers=slimy bio hazard), and some other little surprises. I want to include as many helpful things I can without adding too much weight because one more bag to carry should be a blessing and not a burden.  Most of these parents are flying in from other parts of the country and have to keep luggage checks in mind.

I am trying to get as many donated things as possible to add to these bags but without help I estimate each bag to cost approximately $55. I will do my best to contact companies who make the items I want to include in order to lower that cost.  However, for our initial From the Ravens bags, $55 will be our sponsorship amount.

Your help would be enormously appreciated! You can click on our Paypal tab and sponsor a bag so that I can bring these to Boston and give help to PVS parents who are grasping for hope. $55, $10, $5; every little bit counts.  Every penny will go toward these “From the Ravens” bags.  What a special way to celebrate the Christmas season by sponsoring a From the Ravens Bag for a family in need.

God provided to Elijah when he was in the wilderness by sending him food daily from ravens.  He has given to us in the same way through people since our lives were turned upside down nearly three years ago.  Let’s be the hands and feet of Christ.

PS! Any knitters, crocheters, or sewers have the desire to make baby beanies or blankets?  Let me know and I can make arrangements to include them in the care package.