We have been sick for weeks and are now able to crawl out of our cave and see the light of day. A family of six and all are sick for the better part of a month. Blech.  

Here is a quick little snippet of thoughts I have been chewing on lately.  

It is becoming my belief that God has placed women into my thoughts and awareness who have, in the past 24 months, altered my thinking. My small, quiet dreams, which I previously thought myself inept to achieve, have been brought to the front part of my mind’s eye and shown to me by my Father. Alcott wrote wonderful words and her family lived a brave artful homeschool life in a time when it was far from usual. Joanna Gaines heard a call to build a platform and pursue her business dreams.   Sally Clarkson created a wonderfully creative environment for her children to be nurtured into the incredible adults they are today. God help me to become unafraid, undaunted and steely eyed toward my goals. Alter my dreams to fit your plan for me and show me confidence in what you have called me to. Write a book. Rear children in a creative home. Craft an inspirational blog. Open a children’s book store. Do this. 

But I need to be patient.  I am ankle deep in toddler and baby mothering whole schooling my older boys.  Take it in stride and recognize a season when you see it.  This is a season to anticipate a change but learn contentment in a very unproductive stage of life.  Having small children and little help is like crumbling a bag of Oreos onto the carpet while vacuuming (quote stolen from the Internet somewhere).  

Just some little old thoughts for you. Since I seem keen to publish my thoughts on the Internet.