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I am so excited to introduce Amber Szabo, founder of Hillcrest Gardens and all around botanical magician. Her floral arrangements are whimsical and truly inspired. Amber is From the Raven’s very own Resident Green Thumb and will be giving you tips and tricks on living well and getting thee to the garden.

By Amber Szabo of Hillcrest Gardens

Where are you planted today?   Here we are planted smack into an official time that will forever be remembered in history.  The entire world is stuck in place, in a pandemic. There is no denying that this will eventually be over, and we will be forever changed.   How do you want life to look at the end of this time ? Do you still want the ground to be barren and empty?  

Here at Hillcrest Gardens we’ve had to expand our growing area simply because the demand has outweighed the supply!  This was not on our radar to do a few months ago, and what small business can say that they need to expand during this time? This would be an example of growing where I am planted.   At this time I am here, at home. There is space in my yard, and I have seeds. Are there resources at your disposal? Maybe you can learn new crafts, trades, or skills during this time?  Who knows? Maybe these turn into a new form of revenue. Maybe you’ve wanted to run a marathon? Now seems like a good time to spend some time on that.   

By the looks of all that is ahead of us we probably still have at least 30-60 more days of this.   A sunflower can grow from seed to almost bloom in that amount of time. Be like a Sunflower. Start where you are planted, and grow into something new.  Turn off the news, and the phone. We already know the whole thing is a big scary mess. Pick up that shovel, or paintbrush, or spatula and start to create, work, and grow.  Grow something beautiful out of this mess.   
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More about Amber:

Amber is an industrious (her husbands words) mom of 3 who she has homeschooled for 9 years.  She enjoys being outdoors, quality time with her friends and family, and is constantly dreaming up ideas big and small.  A year ago she turned her experience of landscaping and working in retail nurseries, with her hobby of floral arranging into a business, when Hillcrest Gardens was born.

Find her on Instagram @hillcrestgardensca and Facebook Hillcrest Gardens
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Featured image credits: photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash

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