Let me start by saying, hello world, I am still alive.

 This four kids business is harder than I expected.  It hurts my pride a little to admit that I am not at all on top of things yet.   Here’s what I don’t like about being so very outnumbered:

It could be days before I pick up that smelly diaper I keep passing in the hall 

I rarely brush my teeth before noon

My dust bunnies have dust bunnies

The toddler and the baby are never content at the same time which means that while the fruit flies are hovering over the sink full of dishes I am ping ponging between caring for the newborn and then the toddler.   

The big kids get left in the dust while I race around accomplishing nearly nothing aside from keeping us all alive

Here’s what I love:

It’s evening and I have all four boys around me while I read Pippi Long Stockings and they are all happy at the same time.

The staff at Boston Children’s Hospital call me a saint when they see my crew.

Sneaking zebra cakes while pretending to take a shower.

Running around kicking the big purple ball outside with the kids while wearing Jamie in a front pack. 

Having a quiver full.  

All this to say: my hats off to you mothers of four and more.  God bless your little old hearts. Amen.