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Think of the glossy soulful eyes of the children you see on the television where a man with a white beard begs that you sponsor that child.  Of course, you want to feed that kid and give her a good home and proper medical care.  Who wouldn’t?  But how can you know that the money is actually going to the aid of that child and isn’t just lining the pockets of some really clever marketers who may or may not be actually helping children.

Enter Compassion International.  This ministry has received awards for their excellence in managing all incoming donations to the direct benefit of the children they are meant for.

When I was pregnant with my first son about nine years ago, I began to sponsor a child through Compassion.  He was a thin, darling boy from India; just eight or nine years old.  I sent our money  in and felt really glad to do it but also kept a doubtful thought in the back of my mind.  Is there really a boy named Abhishek in India who is receiving my letters and money?  Then  his first letter came in and I knew.  His Hindi scrall was that of a little boy; sloppy little boy writing is international I guess.  He said he loved horses and that his favorite verse was in Psalms and talked about a mighty man of God.  Fast-forward to today and he is a tall, seventeen year old who still draws horses for us occasionally but is writing letters of a young man.  Our sponsorship paid for him to receive regular food, school, healthcare and above all exposure to the gospel.  He is now the only believer in his family but I feel confident that he has become that mighty man he admired from the Psalms.  We are enormously proud of who he has become.

Compassion supplies us with detailed information on how Abhishek is doing, what his living conditions are and how we can pray for him.   I can go onto the Compassion website and buy his family livestock or supplies or just a gift of money to help them get by that month.  I can send letters as often as I want and include photos of our family.

Watching our little Abhishek grow and grow through the years and hearing our children pray for him every night at dinner has brought India a little closer to us.  If only we could go and see him! Compassion arranges for those people who have the funds to do so to come and meet their sponsored child.  Some day maybe, but for now I will cherish all of his bright crayon drawings and beautiful letters.

If your family is looking for something meaningful to do in this Christmas season, consider sponsoring a child through Compassion International.  Let’s not feed the disease of entitlement in our kids but give them the gift of learning to give.

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How about you?  Have you had any experience with sponsoring a child through Compassion?  How has your experience been?

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