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3 Ways to tell if your Money Problems are from too much Spending or too little Income.

I am good at self-denial.  If there is a book out there pro-porting to solve all of my life’s woes by just cutting back on this or doing without that, I’m all about it.  I can wear old clothes and trudge about in shoes with holes in the sole and have an internal glow of satisfied martyrdom.  I’m be a very good nun. The Bearded Wonder and I are forever in a quandary about how to make our money stretch…

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Amy Hates to Spend Money

I am a tightwad.  If it cannot be homemade, thrift-stored, Craig’s Listed, or simply done-without then I probably don’t bother…


Smart Grandmothers

My dad taught me to be suspicious of fads; hold fast to who I am and what I like.  But…