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I cannot tell you how pleased I am to present my next woman of choice for the day in the life series.  This woman has sea green eyes, red hair and a deliciously wicked sense of humor.  She is a strong woman. A teen mom. One of my best friends.  She is my little sister.

When my little sister told me she was pregnant she was only sixteen and living in a state hundreds of miles away.  I found out from a letter she wrote me. She said that she would be okay but I cried for hours. She was always my little baby sister and I felt like she was more of a daughter than a sister.  I wanted to rescue her from everything but I knew that I couldn’t protect her from this.

I was so disappointed that I forgot to love her and support her.   She needed encouragement not a sermon.

Now she has four children and is the best mom for them.  Her kids are all so beautiful and I am a proud aunt to all of them.  I hope she knows how proud I am of her and of the battle she has fought to become the woman she is today.

Last week’s post about The Day in the Life of a Politician’s Wife was a huge success.  I am so pleased with the interest in this project. More people read this post than any of my others.  I hope to get the same kind of turn around this week, because I long to let people know that there is a person behind the teen mom.  Often a struggling person with a story to tell.

That said, I am proud to introduce you to Heather Huntington.

I’m Heather. A working mother to four children ages 4, 5, 7 and 8. My hobbies include reading, binge watching Netflix and chasing my kids with the vacuum. My fiancé and I had our first child when we were both just teenagers. Although there are many difficult things about being a teen parent, it has given us the opportunity to grow with our children as well as each other. I went from a wild and carefree teen to a parent with rent, bills, diapers and spit up. Learning how to juggle all these things was, by far, the hardest part for me. My kids are passed the spit up and diaper stage but there is always something new around the corner than I have to add to my juggling act. Whether it be my 8 year old talking back or my 5 year old insisting on growling at every stranger he sees.


My alarm goes off at 4:45am which I immediately snooze until about 5:10. I know its illogical but that little bit of extra sleep makes me feel like I don’t need to crawl into a hole somewhere.

Sometimes my coffee is already brewing thanks to technology. Or my handsome other half. But usually I have to attempt to make it in a dimly lit kitchen, so i dont wake up the kids.

After I stare aimlessly out the window for awhile I then realize it’s 5:30.  I quickly rush to get ready all while managing to chug two cups of coffee before I go. Mornings are not my thing.

By 6:30 I am clocked in with yet another cup of coffee in hand, regretting my decision to not find that hole to crawl into. Not really, I like my job. Just not the until about 9.

AFTERNOON: On a super awesome day I am home by 2 but usually it’s around 3:30.  Unless I have to stop at the store for dinner or whatnot, but I try and get all that done on my days off.

The kids are responsible for making their beds every morning and keeping their rooms somewhat presentable before I come home. If all is well in that department, I make them a snack and send them outside so I can catch up with the fiancé or watch whatever show I’m addicted to. Usually with a cup of coffee. Caffiene is my life line.


Sometimes the fiancé will already have plans on making dinner but if he doesn’t then we usually play rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to be it. We have been doing this since we had our first baby. Don’t want to change a diaper?

Rock, paper, scissors.

Don’t want to get up for night time feedings?

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Rock, paper scissors.

We eat dinner as a family and as cliché and it sounds we go around saying what our highs and lows were for the day. It’s corny but it’s a good way to talk about our day. After dinner is cleaned up we usually go for a walk or play outside until it’s dark. Then its time to get ready for bed. I try and get the kids in bed by 9:30 but its summer so they see that as cruel and unusual punishment so I’m lucky if i get them all tucked in by 10:30 After the kids are in bed I fold laundry or whatever else needs to be done then either watch t.v with my other half or read until about 11 or so.



What are some of the challenges of being you?


I am a horrible procrastinator and despise house work. I’m trying to teach my kids to be responsible little people and take pride in there things but i still have to force myself to make my bed every morning.

What do you do to keep yourself grounded and a good mom?

Reading and music are my go to things when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

What advice would you give to young moms/ what do you wish you had known starting out?

My advice is don’t second guess your instincts. Being a young mom does not mean that you do not know what’s best for your child.

What I wish I had known is that is that being a mother is the hardest thing I would ever have to do. But also the most rewarding job out there.

What are your favorite books?

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I have read this book 5 times and each time is just as good as the first. It shows how Gods love is unconditional and forgiving even when we do things that seem unforgivable.

Favorite blogs and why?

Yours of course! You are such a captivating and inspiring writer.

Parting advice, quote, verse you would like to share?

“Never have more children than you have car windows.” Erma Bombeck

Thank you, Heather, for being kind and strong.  Working mom, stay at home mom, a little of both … we are women and we all have a story.

Share and subscribe and all of your wildest dreams will come true.

God bless and bless God.